Protocol Overview

VIA Messaging enables developers to send any information between blockchains.

At its core, the VIA Messaging infrastructure enables smart contract to smart contract communication.

Process Flow

  1. Origin Smart Contract Sends a Message:

    • sendMessage(): The process begins when the origin smart contract on the origin blockchain calls the sendMessage() function. This function sends a message to the gateway contract on the origin chain.

  2. Message Detection:

    • The validators "listen" to the gateway contracts to ensure a message is relayed.

  3. Multi Layer Security Stack:

    • Validation: The message passes through multiple layers of security. Each layer must pass for the message to proceed. See Layered Security for more information.

  4. Relayer Contract on Recipient Blockchain:

    • Message Reception: The relayer contract on the recipient blockchain receives the relayed message and forwards it to the destination smart contract.

  5. Destination Smart Contract Processes the Message:

    • messageProcess(): The destination smart contract on the recipient blockchain processes the message received from the relayer contract. This final step completes the communication, enabling the destination contract to take appropriate actions based on the message content.

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