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The VIA Labs Ecosystem page is the best way to get involved in the VIA Network community. Connect with other projects, share insights, and get your project featured. Join us and be part of the growing VIA Network ecosystem.

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Social Media or Article Promotion

  1. Get on Testnet

Before initiating co-marketing efforts, ensure your project is active on the testnet. VIA Labs will only engage in co-marketing activities once this milestone is achieved.

  1. Confirm with VIA Labs

Coordinate with VIA Labs to align our co-marketing strategies. This collaboration ensures that the messaging and timing of announcements are synchronized.

  1. Announcement(s)

Initial Announcement: As the integrating party, you are responsible for making the first public announcement of any integration.

Follow-Up Announcement: Following your announcement, VIA Labs will issue a follow-up integration announcement.

Ensure that all communications are clear, professional, and accurately represent the nature of the integration.

Terminology Guidelines

To accurately represent our business relationship and avoid confusion, please refrain from using the term "partner" when referring to VIA Labs. This distinction is crucial to accurately represent our business relationship and avoid implying shared liabilities and responsibilities. Instead we prefer you to use:

  • "In collaboration with"

  • "Client of"

  • "Using the VIA Network built by @VIA_Labs"

  • "Powered by VIA Labs"

  • etc.

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